Prostate Cancer: New, Life-Saving Information

Cancer is a very scary word. Many men (and women) don’t like to even fathom the possibility. But the truth is that it is incredibly important to be well-informed and well-prepared, in order to fight effectively.

While it is true that prostate cancer is the most common of all cancers in men over the age of 50, there are steps that you can take in order to protect yourself and your loved ones, before a diagnosis is given.

First of all, early detection is key. A PSA (Prostate-specific-antigen) blood test can detect the disease at a very early, and very curable stage. The PSA is to prostate cancer as the mammogram is to breast cancer. It has saved many lives. In fact, early PSA screenings can reduce mortality rates by up to 20%.

Pay attention to warning signs. It is the tendency of many to ignore obvious changes to the body, and to put off going to the doctor. This can be a fatal mistake. Men should pay attention to family history, urinary voiding symptoms, early on-set erectile dysfunction, or blood in the semen.

Most importantly, remember: be vigilant, observant, and unafraid to speak up. 

Rabin Medical Center's Davidoff Center. One of the leading cancer treatment facilities in Israel.
Rabin Medical Center’s Davidoff Center. One of the leading cancer treatment facilities in Israel.

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