Bridge to Peace

It is almost impossible to turn on the news and NOT hear something about the ongoing conflict in Israel. What is more rare, is to hear of ways in which the citizens of Israel interact in a positive and mutually beneficial way.

The lobby at Rabin Medical Center, where people from all over are able to interact.
The lobby at Rabin Medical Center, where people from all over are able to interact.

Of the 8 million currently living in Israel, 20% self-identify as Arabs. Not included in this figure, are the 2.6 million that live in the West Bank, and the 1.7 million that reside in Gaza.

However, regardless of geographic, religious, and personal identity, all are welcome at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikvah.

Medical attention and necessity are ways in which Rabin Medical Center bridges the gap between groups divided along ethnic and religious lines. In many cases, at the hospital, patients meet each other and begin to learn more about one another. It’s quite common to walk into a patient room at the hospital, and see that it is shared by someone from Gaza and someone from Tel Aviv. Therefore, not only do the patients interact and meet, but the families and visitors of the patients are able to connect as well.

Rabin Medical Center is firmly committed to providing excellent medical service to everyone who enters through its doors, and thereby, acts as an extremely important bridge to peace.

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