Baby Boom: Inside the Delivery Room


Today, there is even more good news from Israel! Rabin Medical Center has opened its doors of the Women’s Hospital for the first time and allowed a television crew to document thrilling moments in their maternity ward. The new reality show entitled “Baby Boom” is a rare documentation of every moment of the most significant event of our lives: the birth of a baby. The show invites viewers behind closed doors to witness the magical moments that the delivery staff experiences on a daily basis.

For two months, 40 cameras that were placed in two delivery rooms, in the corridors and in the staff’s rooms, documented the precious moments from the time the expectant mother arrives at the hospital to the birth of her baby. The crew did not miss a minute of material because a broadcast and control room for 50 production staff members was built to oversee and observe 24/7 all the happenings in the filmed areas.


Every episode focuses on three excited, nervous, and happy couples who share with the viewers this exciting life experience they are going through. In addition, the viewers are also exposed to the delivery room staff’s experiences – the midwife, doctors, assistants and secretaries – who are all part of the dramatic moments, the decisions, the feelings and the development of personal relationships.

This show is quite revolutionary in Israel as Dr. Eyran Halpern, CEO of Rabin Medical Center explains, “We are proud to be the chosen hospital to lead this unique documentary project for the first time in Israel.”   The show also aims to broadcast the diversity of the hospital including patients and staff:

“As you can see in the program, our delivery room staff sees the wide diversity of Israeli culture – religious and secular, native Israelis and new immigrants, students and graduates, women who went through infertility treatment, etc. The human mosaic that comes to the delivery rooms, and our staff’s adjustment to each and every woman giving birth and her family, is touching and something of which we are proud”- Dr. Arnon Wiznitzer.

Essentially, this will be more than just your average reality TV series. It will be a warm and inviting family experience.

You can learn more about the Helen Schneider Hospital for Women at Rabin Medical Center here.

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