Making Nursing More Compassionate

Israel’s Rabin Medical Center always has a finger on the pulse of innovative medical tools and techniques. This has led to the creation of many substantial programs that help support both patients and their health care providers. The newest program developed by Rabin Medical Center is called Mindfulness and Spirituality Based Nursing: The Power of Compassion in Nursing Practice. It is facilitated by Anat Pek, RN, MA. and Dr. Arielle Warner. The program is designed to run for eight, eight-hour sessions (once a week). Research and clinical experience has shown that spirituality can support patients and their family members as well as health care providers through dealing with illness and personal crisis.

It is important that patients, their families, and health care providers receive physical, emotion, and social support; however, the spiritual component can sometimes be left out. Spiritual care also has an enormous impact on the health and well being of individuals. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to ensure that health care providers have the tools and framework to enhance meaning and satisfaction, which will in turn help them reduce the stress, burnout and secondary traumatic stress that comes along with their profession.

Thankfully, the skills needed for spiritual care are naturally present in nursing and this will help empower and support the professionalism of the nursing staff by enhancing meaning and satisfaction in their work. This course is based on a multi-cultural existential approach to dealing with illness and crisis, which includes clinical applications of spirituality within the nursing practice. The program facilitators will present theories, research and practical application of spirituality to empower and support nurses in their work with the patients and family members. This course will enhance skills of compassion, deep listening and presence with patients and families by introducing tools of spiritual assessment and spiritual consciousness in nursing as well as practices of self-care of nursing to improve the nurses’ professional quality of life and well-being.

Nurses and Doctors at Rabin Medical Center
Nurses and Doctors at Rabin Medical Center

Topics included in the course:

  • Definitions of spirituality within the context of health and illness.
  • Theories and research on the integration of spiritual care and nursing.
  • Spiritual assessment.
  • Cross-cultural approach to spiritual care.
  • Mindfulness and compassion in nursing.
  • Meaning making approaches and Buddhist approach to illness and crisis.
  • Cultivating spiritual care consciousness in nursing (deep listening, seeing soulfully, etc).
  • Self-care for nurses.
  • Meditations, breathing techniques, guided imagery, poems, and creative expressions.

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