Operation Protective Edge: War in Israel

Rabin Medical Center and all of Israel is under a state of national emergency. All life has ceased due to thousands of rockets being fired from Gaza all over Israel. Civilians are mandated to seek shelter upon hearing a warning siren. The CEO of Rabin Medical Center, Dr. Eyran Halpern, expressed that there are

“between 5 to 7 sirens every day, and consequently families and individuals ranging from the elderly, ill people, adults, children and babies must enter the protected areas in their homes or underground shelters.”

Dr. Halpern gave some insight into the resiliency of the people of Israel including his hospital staff:

“Rabin Medical Center continues in its daily activities striving to provide the best medical care to patients from all religions and nations while maintaining high readiness for emergency situations. Rabin Medical Center is prepared for every scenario, in accordance to the instructions of the Home Front Command. Of course, the readiness of the hospital for a mass casualty event while continuing routine functioning in clinics, operating theaters, departments, emergency rooms, and more is challenging and is handled with special efforts.”

If you would like to help support Israel and Rabin Medical Center during this national emergency by donating click here.Thank you for your support.

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