Funding for Rabin Medical Center Nurses

Good News from Israel!

A generous Donor has so graciously funded one of four Nurses at Rabin Medical Center.  One of the most gracious is an Israeli-Arab nurse, Rasha. Rasha is a native Israeli, wife and mother of one. Through the help of her family she was able to receive a B.A. in Nursing. Due to unforeseen financial struggles, Rasha has no choice but to help support her family instead of using the funds to further her education.

With the Donor’s help, Rasha’s tuition is fully paid allowing her to have a prosperous career: “Besides the fact that your support is helping me pay my tuition, it has a major meaning to me because you encouraged me continuing studying, advancing and helping sick people in need, all things that I believe in.”

Rasha is forever grateful to the Donor for giving her an opportunity: “Thanks to the courses that I’m studying I’m able to support and encourage my patients and their families from a place of empathy. In every work shift I get positive feedbacks from my patients telling me that I’m treating them nicely and in the proper way a nurse should treat them.” You can help support a Nurse and/or a Rabin Fellow learn more at this link: !


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