Ethiopian Nursing Scholarships




December 3, 2014—American Friends of Rabin Medical Center (AFRMC) is delighted to have funded four nursing scholarships at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center’s Dina School of Nursing for Ethiopian citizens of Israel. The four students: Moriya, Racheli, Almaz, and Hewan are lovely and hardworking students who need the financial support in order to achieve their career goals. For example, Moriya, a second-year nursing student at the Dina School of Nursing, immigrated to Israel at the age of three years old. Moriya is one of 8 children, an army veteran, and a volunteer at a boarding school for teens. She wishes to pursue a career in Psychiatry or Oncology.

The Dina School of Nursing at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center recognizes the enormous importance of career training for a nursing degree or certificate. The school is working to offer a worthwhile opportunity to the Israeli population at large and to potential students from outlying areas and various socio-economic backgrounds. For disadvantaged students, particularly Ethiopians, studying for a nursing career is a stepping-stone towards integration into this professional field and an important channel for personal empowerment and social mobility. Furthermore, it promotes equality between different social groups and narrowing of socio-economic gaps. Many of these talented and dedicated potential students suffer from financial difficulties and they are unable to cover the costs of their studies.

The Dina School of Nursing accepts eighty students per year. In recent years, approximately fifty students each year study for a four-year bachelor’s nursing degree. Students who receive financial support will give of themselves to the community in different ways, first as part of our Social Responsibility Program, and at a later stage as part of a profession based on assisting and supporting patients. The scholarship program and participants are regularly evaluated by the Dina School of Nursing administration at the Rabin Medical Center.

In the past, American Friends of Rabin Medical Center has raised $28,000 for the education of four students. We would like to increase the number of students funded to ten within the next year. Our funding needs for a four-year program: $3,500 per student for one year for Nursing Degree or $14,000 per student for all four years for Nursing Degree. The success of this program relies on your generosity.

Thank you for all of your generous supporters of this vital program.

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