Research at Rabin Medical Center

Establishing the fibrinogen-like protein 2 (FGL2) as a novel biomarker and a therapeutic target for cancer diagnosis

By: Dr. Esther Rabizadeh and Dr. Izhack Cherny

Location: Hematology Laboratory, Rabin Medical Center

This particular research project focuses on cancer diagnosis or detection. The goal is to enable the identification of cancer development in human individuals through a simple blood test. The proposed test should be adequately reliable, inexpensive and not limited to a specific type of cancer disease. The idea is to use the FGL2 prothrombinase test in the course of routine checkups, allowing the alert of a possible malignancy. To manifest this vision, we are still requiring screening larger cohorts of patients with wide range of malignant diseases as well as normal controls.

If the FGl2 is targeted then this may be an effective approach for cancer therapy and perhaps the inhibition of FGL2 in cancer cells.

Funding Request: $25,000

If you would like to donate and learn more click here.

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