Rise in Organ Donations in Israel

In an article by Meital Yasur-Beit Or for Israel Hayom Israel sees rise in number of organ donations at Rabin Medical Center, where 22 transplant surgeries performed in one week saved the lives of 15 people.

For example, “an infant who tragically died after swallowing his father’s pain medication, and four other adults who died over the past week, had saved the lives of 15 Israelis who were in desperate need of an organ transplant. Among the recipients were a young man who had been waiting for a kidney transplant for a decade, a mother of five who received new lungs, and a man who received a liver and a kidney”Israel’s Rabin Medical Center performs 22 transplant surgeries in one week, which saved the lives of 15 people. Organ donation is a very controversial topic that throws ideas of religion and morality into question. However, Dr. Dan Aravot, head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Rabin Medical Center, noted that January 2015 marked an increase in the number of families willing to donate the organs of lost loved ones.

The recipients are all more than grateful to receive the gift of life, the gift of a second chance. Dr. Aravot explained that:

This is a great achievement and I am thrilled 2015 began with a high number of transplants. Heart and lung transplant are a complex process that requires professionalism and extensive team work. We saved many lives in difficult and complicated situations

Lastly, Dr. Eytan Mor, director of the Organ Transplantation Department at Rabin Medical Center, detailed the hard work and joy that goes into these complex surgeries:

The large number of transplants that took place in recent days required the recruitment of our entire transplant apparatus. We have operated nonstop a week and went home just for a few hours. Even doctors who weren’t on call were made to cancel their plans and assist. Though this is a great sacrifice, we are committed to saving lives.

Essentially, these organ donations are vital to saving lives and also honoring the great sacrifices of the lost loved one and their families.

If you would like to learn more about the Transplantation Department at Rabin Medical Center or to donate, please click here.

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