Angelina Jolie Pitt: Cancer Preventative Strategies

In the past two years, movie star filmmaker and special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie Pitt came forward about her choice to have a preventative double mastectomy after taking a blood test that revealed she carried a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. After this surgery Angelina promised to to follow up with any information that could be useful, and In The New York Times Article Angelina Jolie Pitt: Dairy of a Surgery Angelina explains her choice to undergo a second preventative surgery of the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes.

After receiving results of the BRCA test and acknowledging that three women in her family died of cancer, Angelina was committed to find the best preventative options for cancer treatment. After her most recent procedure of a Laparoscopic Bilateral Salpingoophorectomy, Angelina knows that it is impossible to remove all risk but explains, “I feel at ease with whatever will come, not because I am strong but because this is a part of life. It is nothing to be feared.” Angelina remains satisfied with her decision to undergo surgery and feels secure knowing that she took the best preventative measures. She encourages others to look into treatment options as she advises, “You can seek advice, learn about options and make choices that are right for you. Knowledge is power.”

Angelina Jolie Pitt’s story is truly inspirational, and due to medical advancements more people are able to take preventative measures to cancer that can be life saving. Israel’s Rabin Medical Center is committed to cancer treatment and has a BRCA Gene Multidisciplinary Clinic that specializes in unique early management. The Davidoff Cancer Center, opened in 2005, is the leading oncology center in Israel and the Middle East, treating 130,578 patients last year. It includes six units and clinics and seven impressive departments to provide treatment for various types of cancer and will be expanded to double its size by 2015.

Israel’s Davidoff Cancer Center at Rabin Medical Center

In support of Breast and Ovarian Cancer, upcoming is our fifth annual Cheryl Diamond NYC 5K Schelp Walk on Sunday, June 21st 2015. Throughout their lifetimes, one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and over 22,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer annually.

To make a donation to our BRCA clinic or to sign up for the NYC 5k Schlep Walk  use the following link:

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