Almond Macaroons For Passover

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Passover is coming soon, and new recipes are a great way to celebrate. The New York Times article Macaroons for Passover With a Difference by Joan Nathan features a  traditional recipe of almond macaroons that are sure to make a difference celebrating your holiday.

This recipe was found from Ms. Khalastchy, an 86 year old originally from Baghdad, who makes recipes that remind her of her life in Baghdad. The cookies are called “haji badam” much translates to “Best Almond Cookies” in Arabic. When Ms. Khalastchy was little she watched her mother make the cookies which are now recorded in a cook book Flavors Of Baghdad: a Family Cookbook written by her niece, Linda Dangoor. Each year Ms. Khalastchy adds something new to the recipe to make it her own such as substituting some almonds with walnuts and putting pistachios on top. Today, Ms. Khalastchy makes macaroons in her London Kitchen and takes pride in making the best treats to celebrate the holiday.

As Passover approaches, we hope that you find a way to make your holiday special with these macaroon delights.

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