The Rabin Medical Center, Israel’s largest hospital, houses many of the top medical and surgical departments in Israel, and is a leading academic institution affiliated with Tel Aviv University’s “Sackler” Faculty of Medicine—associated with the largest health care organization in Israel is “Clalit Health Services”, the department of cardiology at the Rabin Medical Center. This is the largest referral center in the region of Israel and also offers consultations to patients nationwide.

The leading services of the cardiology department are the intensive cardiac care unit (ICCU), the noninvasive imaging institutes (e.g. echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, etc.), the interventional cardiology institute, the heart failure institute and the electrophysiology and pacemaker units. Clalit Health Services is the prominent cardiology service provider in Israel from both a clinical and academic standpoint.

The intensive cardiac care unit (CCU) of Rabin Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility, which is aimed at treating the most complex and severe cardiac patients. Improved catheter-based techniques for diagnosis and proper management of heart disorders should yield a major beneficial impact upon the health of the treated patients. The Interventional Cardiology Institute of Rabin Medical Center is the largest in the country, treating annually some 10% of the Israeli cardiac population that are in need for catheter-based interventions.


  • We treat about 10% of the total number of cardiac patients in Israel.
  • Approximately 4,000 patients are hospitalized per year in the ICU and cardiac ward.
  • 35,000 patients visit the outpatient cardiology clinics annually.
  • About 5,000 cardiac catheterization procedures are performed per year (coronary, valves, electrophysiology, pacemakers, adult congenital heart disease, heart biopsies).
  • 24/7 coverage for all cardiac emergencies.
  • Referral center for all over the country (national coverage) and state of the art cardiac services to a wide population of cardiac patients.


The most extensive cardiology service In Israel

The largest number of cardiac procedures

The largest experience in cardiac catheterizations, surgeries, heart transplants

The largest number of cardiac imaging procedures

The largest experience heart failure management

The largest number of Professors and academicians

The most extensive research activity

Several of our Rabin Medical Exchange Fellows specialize in Cardiology. Read more about then through the following links:

Orvin photo 1

Dr. Orvin Katia— Cardiology Critical Care Unit (CCU) at the Columbia University Medical Center, April 2015.

Shirit Kazum photo

Dr. Shirit Chazum—Cardiology Department at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, June 2014.

Dr. Pablo Codnerfinal

Dr. Pablo Codner—Invasive Cardiology-Based Heart Valve Intervention at Columbia University Medical Center, July 2015-July 2017.

Dr. Alon Eizen—Cardiology at Brigham and Women Hospital of Boston, August 2015- August 2016.

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