Updates from the ER. Showing Solidarity, New York’s Mayor de Blasio visits Israeli Victims of Terror Attacks.


This past weekend New York’s Mayor, Bill De Blasio, participated in a ‘solidarity visit’ to Israel. Escorted by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, de Blasio visited those recovering from stabbing attacks, in Jerusalem hospitals.

Recalling the pain of American’s in the 2001 terrorist attacks on September 11th De Blasio is quoted in the Times of Israel as having said “when you are going through pain, we feel pain too. When you’re under attack, we feel under attack, and I’m honored to be here in that spirit of solidarity and sense of common destiny.”

Among the numerous victims, October 7th saw an attack in Petach Tikvah, in Rabin Medical Center’s own backyard, at the mall across the street and a 25 year old victim was transported to the hospital for emergency care to multiple stab wounds.

Rabin Medical Center’s Jusidman ER & Trauma Center is the largest in the in the Middle East. And as one of only six level One Trauma Units in Israel it boasts leading Burn Unit in the country. Rabin Medical Center is a worldwide pioneer in adopted practices with advanced diagnostics and life- saving burn unit equipment, donated by a California Foundation and generous support from The Jewish Federation of Sarasota – Manatee, Rabin Medical Center is fully prepared to cope with large scale disasters.

As tensions continue to grow and acts of violence erupts in the streets of Israel, Rabin Medical Center has seen an increase of Emergency Room visits. As Mayor de Blasio shares, “You can’t think about acts of terrorism like this in the abstract when you meet the victims and you meet the families. It becomes very real,” he said. “There can’t be peace when civilians are wantonly attacked just for going about their business.”

Support Israel and Israeli citizens as this reign of terror continues to rain down on the innocent, Israeli citizens, who are victims of terrorism. A donation will make a difference in helping to save lives and treat causalities for the numerous wounded Israeli citizens.


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