Don’t Miss a Beat. Learn More About Heart Health from Rabin Medical Center’s Dr. Kornowski

black and white blood pressure kit
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Getting angry easily? You are in risk to suffer from a heart attack (translation from Menta Magazine)

Next time you are getting angry at the customer service agent, parking inspector or your teenager, you better take a deep breath and remember it increases your risk to suffer from a heart attack. True, it sounds like a grandmother or neighbor’s health recommendation however it recently received scientific support in the distinguished Medical Journal ‘European Heart Journal’.

“The article is in fact a review of nine articles that all together summarize data of thousands participants”, explains Prof. Ran Kornowski, head of the Cardiology Division at Rabin Medical Center. “The review of the articles and their analysis explains that about 2 hours after an anger attack the risk to experience a cardiac event increases by 2 or 3 times. Research has also proven that for irritated people who are getting angry several consecutive times every day, the risk for a cardiac event is even higher and some of them have even shown that anger increases the risk for stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and arrhythmia. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that while multiplying the risk for a medical event is considered an impressive statistical finding in the research, in reality the risk is lower. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your heart every time someone makes you angry, but you should certainly implement the saying ” don’t take it to heart” as an official medical recommendation.

black and white blood pressure kit

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