Keeping An Eye On Mobile Health: Tech News From Israel

Israeli’s Start- Up Presents iPhone Optometry at mHealth Conference  

Israel continues to be a leader in mobile health technology, with the medical industry keeping an eye on new developments, particularly in wearable tech.

Encouraging the start-up mentality, Israel hosts an annual mHealth conference in Tel Aviv featuring a contest to highlight these new yet innovative companies.

Contest winner 6over6 honed in on optometry with a technology that allows anyone to ‘self-prescribe’ the need for glasses via smart phone. The mobile app GlassesOn features advanced algorithms that factor in math, physics and vision tech 6over6 is able to access a more accurate prescription than with an optician or optometrist. Using a light-based tech, an individual can use their smart phone to measure pupillary distance as well as any other information asked in the doctor’s office to assess which lens is most clear. The results have come in with full accuracy, within  +/- .25D error for both those who are near and farsighted as well as those with an astigmatism.

This technology will be implemented GlassesOn, making it easier for customers access their more current prescription and implement the information while ordering glasses online.

The app can be used on any smart phone phone as the power is in the algorithm and the app, not the quality of the phone.

Additionally, 6Over6  is working with international non-profits who aid in providing people eye care to those in the underdeveloped countries, without mobile access, granting them free access to this technology.


Israel’s premier hospital, Rabin Medical Center, continues to stay at the forefront of medical technology.

Prof. Ran Kornowski, who heads the  Institute of Invasive Cardiology Department at Rabin Medical Center helped develop a new application to collect information during invasive catheterization procedures on an iPad. This allows for the cardiologist to see the entire catheterization process on the iPad screen, and allows the doctor the opportunity to sit with his patient and their family, and explain the catheterization procedure in a very simple visual matter, with clear cut high resolution imaging.

The cardiac catheterization procedure provides significant on line information about the activities of the patients’ heart and the condition of the arteries, allowing cardiologists to accurately assess the situation and carry out to best most accurate catheterization  procedure necessary.

Prof. Ran Kornowski says, “This is only a small stone in the age of new medical technologies….I believe that this application will pave the road for the initiation of many other imaging applications which can be downloaded on to the I PAD, opening up a new wave of useful advantageous medical technologies, beneficial to both the patient and the physician, allowing for much wider worldwide cooperation.

Click HERE for more information on Rabin Medical Center’s Cardiology Department.




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