Rabin Medical Center Updates


2018 has been a busy year at Rabin Medical Center in Israel.

Dr. Bror Dicker, head of the Obesity Clinic at Hasharon Hospital at Rabin Medical Center is studying the relationship between gut hormones and weight loss.

Professor Eran Sharon at Rabin Medical Center is developing a stress-reducing drug that limits metastasis of cancer cells.

A research team headed by Aaron Popovtzer at the Institute of Oncology at the Davidoff Cancer Center, has discovered that gold may be helped to fight mouth, nose and throat cancers.

Roy Mano, MD, recently conducted a survey that connected the BRCA mutation in men 40 years and older to high risk of PCa and other forms of cancers.

Dr. Dania Hirsch is studying differentiated thyroid cancer with distant metastases.

Dr. Zohar Levi is currently researching the link between adult colorectal cancer and weight as a teen.

Professor Yichayaou Beloosesky and Professor Abraham Weiss of Rabin’s Geriatric Department are running clinical trials on polypharmacy in nursing homes.

Dr. Aviram Mizrachi discovered this year that nanoparticles help drugs target head and neck cancers.

Dr. Amit Akirov in the Institute of Endocrin-ology conducted research showing that hypoglycemia doubles mortality rates.

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