Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Warriors by Monica Calabrese


Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Warriors by Monica Calabrese

I am happy to be part of this privileged community, the sisterhood of Breast Cancer Warriors!

Ever since my diagnosis in October 2017, and getting over the terrifying shock and realization that I too was facing this disease, I have encountered nothing but wonderful people in my path.

From the medical team at NYU Langone, to the women that openly and graciously shared their experiences in undergoing breast cancer with me, to my New York family and friends, to the staff at the infusión center at NYU Pearlmutter Cancer Center, as well as with the strangers I interacted with almost every day, I found nothing but love, support, and compassion at every turn.

The hardest thing I had to go through with my breast cancer was to make my plan and arrive at a decision about how to proceed and where to do it. It was hard because I had little information and speaking to other women that had gone through this experience helped enormously, but I did make a plan and then I was set. Once all of my decisions were made, I knew in my heart that everything was going to be okay.

I am a runner and very active. Aside from the post surgical obligatory recovery time of four weeks, I kept active. The year that I had chemo I did the NYC Marathon, my eighth marathon, and not only completed it but ran strong! It was quite a celebration. And a sense of accomplishment to cross the finish line like never before!

I have had enough complications after the full reconstructive surgery, more than I care to remember but at the end of the day, I was determined to see it through and open my heart in ways I never imagined! This in itself was healing!

Now I have a group of women that are starting their journey and I stay in touch with them for whatever they need! Compassion and support! Cancer forever changed me. And so I am energized to participate in this year’s Cheryl Diamond NYC 5k Schlep run/walk for breast, ovarian and prostate cancer on June 2, 2019 in Battery Park, New York. Mobilize. Please join us—the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Warriors. 

To register for the NYC 5K Schlep, please visit

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